[Sitecore and Docker] Playing around with Sitecore Lighthouse Demo on Docker

If you are looking for or want to play around with a Sitecore solution example built using Sitecore Experience Accelerator (SXA) on Sitecore Experience Platform (XP) with Helix compliance and Docker, the Sitecore Lighthouse Demo is the great choice. This blog is as my experience sharing about setting up Sitecore Lighthouse Demo on my local…More

[Sitecore and Docker] Install Sitecore 10.1 on Docker Desktop for Windows

As you all may know, Sitecore 10.1 was released a few days ago with a lot of enhancements and new features. Continue with Sitecore Docker series, I would like to play around with it. Now, lets be together to make an installation on Docker 😀. Software Prerequisites Windows 10 Professional or Enterprise version 1809 (2019…More

[Sitecore and Docker] Part 1: Understanding concepts

With the launch of Sitecore 10, Sitecore also has released the full support to configure and deliver powerful solutions to containerized environment. Containers enable us to package and run code quickly between environments using platforms such as Docker. And in this blog, I will be with you to play around with Sitecore Docker step by…More